That has been a question we asked to ourselves when we were conceptualising Ace Commando. How do we make it fit in a small enough package so that it could be downloaded and played by a large audience who use daily internet packs? A lot of research and thought went into using smart techniques for Compression of textures and graphics. Some of them were texture packing, the decimation of high-quality models to create low polygon count models, baking of lighting effects etc. The maximum credit goes to our artists who create Great looking models and textures at the smallest size possible at the outset. Rest it is a process of optimization that continues as the game develops.

Testing for Android devices is very challenging indeed. There are a plethora of devices we need to consider and test for, and they all vary in available RAM, OS, Graphics chip and Memory. Apart from that, we also need to test for screen sizes, aspect ratios and resolution.

Then Come the secondary issues of optimizing the game for minimal battery usage, heat management and addressing memory leaks in the system. So all in all, it takes a lot of effort to get a compatibility across multiple platforms. We do it by having quite a few In-house devices. And that’s where the feedback of our Alpha testers is also very useful.

Ace Commando is a mix of multiple genres. We blend the fast-paced action of a regular shooter with the strategic depth of a tactical top-down shooter game. So you get to plan your moves ahead, but get to engage your enemies in real time action. You can engage on your terms and position and maximize how to use the environment. Also, it is one of the few games available on a phone which are set up in a truly Indian scenario.

Immersion was paramount for us, there were considerations about whether we should make our game more futuristic looking, stylized and beautiful, but we chose purposefully to focus on realistic environments and texture samples. All the weapon models in the game have been given extra attention to have realistic sound effects and accurate rates of fire. The result is a casual game but with a high degree of visual acuity and immersive feel.

It indeed feels great that Google is supporting our efforts based on Just the Alpha version of this game, which gives us a big hope that it will see much more laurels in the future. Being part of the Accelerator program will allow us to bring new ways of engagement, new features to exploit, and deliver an overall world-class experience to the game.

Well, first of all, I would appreciate the comparison. However, Ace Commando is a Single player, multi-level mission game with a storyline based progression. Its gameplay is more focused on tactical planning and quick responses to situations. PUBG, however, is a battle royale, first/third person shooter in which you compete against other players or bots to achieve dominance on a few numbers of maps. It has more emphasis on aiming and reflexes of the players. These are worlds apart in gameplay.