Ace Commando is an upcoming video game title for mobile platform, which being developed in Threye Interactive. In the game, one gets to play as an ex-special forces commando and protect the nation from unseen threats. You get to take the fight to the enemies using an arsenal of weapons that are used by the most lethal Special Forces, while fighting over eerily familiar maps. Ace Commando combines the fast-paced action and strategic elements of being an elite member of the Special Forces.

India went through a lot of pain and suffering in the attacks of November 26, 2008. The television broadcasts of NSG and MARCOS commandos tackling heavily armed enemies under withering close combat situations were a harrowing sight for the peace loving public of the nation. The sacrifices made by the people in uniform were heroic but could have been avoided. The barbaric massacres done by terrorists filled our hearts with anger and resolve. Resolve to never let it happen again. And so began India’s journey of taking the fight to the enemy before they strike.

As the NSG geared up to fight the toughest hostile situations at a moments notice, every major city began to arm their own SWAT teams, freeing up the armed forces to tackle the enemies of the state where they originate. India was rising up to strike before things happen. The decade of hitting enemies at their home was coming.

Soon, stories of Covert and Overt actions began to surface along with splintering of our enemies and significant infighting among them. The intelligence agencies were targeting with our enemies with precision, taking out their leadership and leaving them to fight petty squabbles.

These weapons were the black ops forces, highly trained, incredibly resilient, and almost invisible. A force which performed its job, but did not exist on any record. Infiltrating the enemies, eliminating targets of opportunities, and weakening their resolve to fight back, these were an invisible scalpel which cut the growth of enemies of the state with surgical precision.

These forces gripped our imagination, and so the concept of Ace Commando was born. A highly trained ex-special forces warrior, working under plausible deniability, who is deployed against the enemies that plan to strike from within, to stop attacks from happening.

We were capable of building an award-winning game ( Our previous title was Guardians of the skies, which was based on Indian Airforce), and we wanted to bring forward these stories of our special forces to the youth with the help of our game.

We have always wanted to bring realism and a kind of immersion which most Indian made games lack. Having worked on projects for Indian armed forces, we have known their potential and their ways from within. This gave us the insights into making a game which would try to bring the story of the otherwise “hush-hush” Special forces to our young audience and inspire them to someday join up and serve.

Oh, there were many challenges to our dream of making Ace Commando. To start with, most Indian gaming audience is casual and uses a mobile to play. Considering the plethora of devices in use, we realized that the game we must bring to the young players, must be playable on a mid-range phone, must have moderate data requirement, and with no special equipment.
Our first challenge was how to fit all this into a small and playable enough package while bringing sufficient content to keep them engaged.
So, after a gruelling period of brainstorming and research, we came up with a game which will be a top-down shooter, with stunning graphics and special effects, and highest fidelity sound effects, with over 50 levels of gameplay to engage even the most prolific gamers.
But having so much content packed in such a small game is an engineers toughest challenge, and we tackled it with optimization techniques we learned in GOTS and our previous titles.

Top-down shooter is a type of game, in which you control your player character from a fixed point above. This is different from the third person perspective in the sense that it is more about using the environment to your advantage, and planning your move ahead of rushing in. This is what a commando has to go through in real life. It’s not the run and gun tactics that work, but how to engage from the best possible position while using the best possible situational awareness. We use drones and reconnaissance to identify enemies and engage them with precision, and that’s why a Top-down approach was the best for Ace Commando. It allowed for our character to utilize the map, cover, and terrain to use his superior weaponry to win the fight.

Well, Ace commando has been a journey for us. We have been constantly testing out concepts with our loyal fans and subscribers, and when we rolled out a single stage prototype in summer 2018, it was met with warm reception.

We subsequently followed it up with our Alpha testing phase where we served 5 missions of the game with all gameplay mechanics in place. The feedback of Alpha testers was very useful in determining key playability features of the game, while ironing out the kinks in the gameplay.

We are now transitioning to the open Beta release with more features and 2 more mission, while making the game more balanced and playable. More missions will be disclosed subsequently.

Once the Beta phase is concluded, we shall release the game in episodes which shall let the player explore the full story of our Ace Commando.

The Beta version is downloadable for free on Google Play store. People who are interested in play testing ace commando or to contribute to the community can sign up at www.acecommando.com to get exclusive invitations to events, news, and opportunities. Also, our most loyal fans get exciting goodies and merchandise for their support.